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Jan 25, 2024

Five Ways to Relieve Pain While Improving Your Movement and Optimizing Muscle and Joint Health

Are you feeling stiff? Is that old sports injury still nagging you? Did that surgery leave lingering tenderness or soreness? These types of ailments can drain your energy and continue to bring you long-term pain if not properly addressed.

Physical therapy is an often misunderstood treatment, yet can provide highly effective relief from a multitude of physical challenges. There are even several ongoing clinical trials in which physical therapy modalities are being tested.

For people suffering from low back pain, sciatica, shoulder impingements, rotator cuff tears, neck pain, herniated discs, golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, migraines, or even general chronic pain in Troy, Michigan, there’s hope!

Read on to discover five ways that you can not only improve your movement but optimize your muscle and joint health.

1. Manual Physical Therapy

Manual physical therapy is an evidence-based and effective practice for a variety of conditions. Manual physical therapy is more than a treatment method — it’s a philosophical approach to healing as a way to deliver excellent results with fewer visits. Manual physical therapists in Troy, MI restore functionality, alleviate pain, and enhance the patient’s overall health and well-being. Some manual therapy techniques include the Graston Technique and the use of HawkGrips, which focuses on mobilizing soft tissue.

Manual physical therapy addresses:

  • Sports injuries and performance enhancement
  • Injury rehabilitation and recovery
  • Post-operative rehabilitation

Manual physical therapy benefits include:

  • Modulating pain
  • Improving range of motion and flexibility
  • Mobilizing restricted joints
  • Increasing muscle action
  • Enhancing healing and repair

Manual physical therapy relies on a comprehensive approach designed to support your overall well-being — not just address chronic pain or low back pain — so you can return to daily life with a renewed sense of vitality.

2. Dry Needling

Dry needling, with origins in Western medicine, uses thin filiform needles similar to those used in acupuncture, but it differs from acupuncture. Dry needling in Troy, MI focuses on the body's muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems.

This treatment involves inserting microneedles into:

  • Trigger points
  • Fascia
  • Connective tissue
  • Muscles

Research indicates that dry needling not only helps manage pain but also releases muscle tension, providing restorative benefits for the body. Our approach to dry needling therapy is based on scientific research to ensure both its effectiveness and safety.

By employing research-supported needling techniques, patients can achieve positive outcomes without relying on medications or resorting to invasive procedures.

The Synergy Between Manual Therapy and Dry Needling

The integration of needling and manual techniques allows a more comprehensive care plan for patients in Troy, Michigan through hands-on therapy. This approach enables a holistic solution that is non-invasive yet highly effective.

3. Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy has been used by humans for thousands of years as a treatment method involving the creation of a vacuum in specialized cups placed on the skin. Cupping therapy helps patients with pain achieve a variety of therapeutic outcomes. Cupping is used for static cup placement as well as through functional movements. This combination uses traditional and more modern approaches to cupping to deliver exceptional, personalized care.

The vacuum effect of cupping can:

  • Enhance circulation
  • Improve lymphatic flow
  • Break down scar tissue and adhesions
  • Relax muscles
  • Alleviate tissue tension

This therapy offers numerous benefits as a non-invasive solution for both chronic and acute pain. Cupping stimulates blood flow to specific areas of the body, enhancing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues to promote overall health and well-being.

Although cupping may leave marks at sites of muscle tension, injury, and increased blood flow, the treatment itself is generally comfortable, and these marks, while resembling bruises, are not painful.

4. Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is a specialized branch of physical therapy focused on the specialized needs of athletes. Sports therapy uses various techniques and treatments to address the unique demands sports and other high-intensity physical activities can have on the body.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, student-athlete, or weekend warrior, you can enhance your overall performance and speed up recovery while preventing injury with sports-based physical therapy.

Some of these sports therapy treatments and techniques include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Sports massage therapy
  • Exercise modification

Using the latest evidence-based techniques in sports therapy, athletes can:

  • Achieve optimal performance
  • Improve range of motion, balance, and stability
  • Manage existing injuries

Sports therapy isn’t just about injury recovery; instead, it’s designed to promote muscle recovery, joint mobility and flexibility, endurance, and strength training. Sports therapy techniques are designed to enhance overall functional movement, no matter your struggles.

5. Wellness and Prehab

Prehabilitation, or “prehab,” is a proactive, preventative approach to health focused on preventing issues and injuries before they happen. Prehab is different from rehabilitation, which is a process that begins after an injury such as correcting posture. Prehab offers a multitude of benefits and can help optimize your overall health, enhance sports performance, improve posture, reduce your risk of injuries, and even improve your outcome after an operation or surgery.

Prehab treatment plans frequently consist of carefully designed exercises customized according to the individual to optimize wellness, from athletes to aging adults to post-operative individuals.

Prehab exercises focus on:

  • Increasing strength
  • Enhancing flexibility
  • Improving balance
  • Increasing core stability
  • Enhancing overall functionality of the body

Prehab focuses on targeting specific pain areas that tend to be injury-prone, including the:

  • Knees
  • Back
  • Ankles
  • Shoulders
  • Hips
  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Bad posture

How to Find the Best Physical Therapist for Pain, Physical Rehab Specialist, and Sports Physical Therapist in Troy

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