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Cupping Therapy

At Performance Physical Therapy in Troy, MI, we use cupping therapy to help our clients achieve a variety of therapeutic outcomes. We utilize cupping for static cup placement as well as through functional movements.  This combination uses traditional and more modern approaches to cupping to deliver exceptional, personalized care.

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Humans have benefited from cupping therapy for thousands of years. Cupping therapy is a treatment technique that involves creating a vacuum in specialized cups placed on the skin. The vacuum-induced effect of cupping can:

Improve microcirculation
Improve lymphatic flow
Break down scar tissue and adhesions
Soften muscles
Reduce tissue tension

Cupping therapy offers a myriad of benefits, as it is a non-invasive solution to both chronic and acute pain. Cupping stimulates blood flow into targeted areas of the body. This blood flow enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen into the tissue in order to support overall health and wellness.

Cupping can leave marks at points of muscle tension, injury and blood flow. However, cupping is a relatively comfortable treatment and although these marks may appear bruise-like, they are not painful.

Our Whole-Body Approach to Cupping

At Performance Physical Therapy, we use various techniques to help our patients, including cupping therapy.  Cupping is a unique modality that  decompresses the soft tissue using vacuum pressure.  Cupping is often used in combination with compressive modalities like manual therapy and scraping to provide the best patient outcomes.

Our experienced cupping practitioners customize each session according to your individual needs. We use cupping strategically to enhance microcirculation, lymphatic flow, and overall tissue health in specific areas of the body.

physical therapy doctor applying cups for cupping therapy to patient's thigh.
Clear glass collection of cupping therapy cups in an orange container.

Integrative Cupping Therapy

Customized cupping sessions at Performance Physical Therapy may include other services like manual therapy or dry needling to help enhance therapeutic outcomes. Cupping therapy is often just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to personalized treatment plans for our patients.

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Personalized Cupping Therapy in Troy, MI

For safe cupping practices and customized cupping sessions, you can visit Performance Physical Therapy in Troy, MI. Whether you’re dealing with muscle tension, in need of sports recovery support, or looking for natural pain relief methods, cupping therapy could be a viable solution. 

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