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Sports Therapy

Performance Physical Therapy in Troy, MI, serves athletes in Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, and surrounding areas. Our sports therapy clinic specializes in supporting athletes at all levels — from professionals to weekend warriors.

With an array of services designed to enhance performance and speed recovery while preventing injury, you’ll find what you need at Performance Physical Therapy.

Understanding Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is a specialized branch of physical therapy focused on the particular needs of athletes. Sports therapy uses various techniques and treatments to address the unique demands sports and other high-intensity physical activities can have on the body.

Some of these treatments and techniques include:

Manual therapy
Sports massage therapy
Exercise modification

Sports therapy isn’t just about injury recovery; instead, it’s designed to promote muscle recovery, joint mobility and flexibility, endurance, and strength training.

Our sports therapy clinic uses the latest evidence-based techniques to help our athletes:

Achieve optimal performance
Improve range of motion, balance, and stability
Manage existing injuries

All of our techniques are designed to enhance overall functional movement, no matter your struggles. Call us to discuss your sports therapy needs today!

Physical Therapy doctor helping patient with ankle pain.
Physical Therapy doctor assisting patient with hip flexibility

Our Holistic Approach to Sports Therapy

At Performance Physical Therapy, our expertise covers all facets of athletic rehabilitation and performance. Our therapists have a profound understanding of the diverse treatment needs of athletes.

We provide comprehensive sports therapy services tailored to help athletes recover from injuries, enhance their performance, and prevent future injuries.

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Sports Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation

While injuries are a common part of an athlete’s journey, they don’t have to be incapacitating. Our sports injury treatment and rehabilitation services help speed up recovery, minimize pain, and ensure that you can safely return to your sport. 

Manual therapy, cupping and dry needling can all be valuable tools to improve tissue mobility, enhance circulation, and boost overall performance. Schedule your appointment today!

Sports Injury Prevention

At Performance Physical Therapy, we don’t just treat injuries. Instead, we focus also on preventative measures designed to enhance your performance. By helping you understand proper form and movement patterns, we can help you reduce the risk of future injuries while safeguarding your athletic abilities long-term.

Sports Performance Enhancement

Our sports performance enhancement services help you optimize your physical abilities by improving your flexibility and endurance while increasing your strength and power.

Sports Therapy in Troy, MI

Sports therapy is so much more than simply recovery — it’s about helping you perform your best while remaining injury-free in the long term. With the expertise of the Performance Physical Therapy team, you can unlock your potential and discover new benefits on your athletic journey.

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