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Manual Physical Therapy

At Performance Physical Therapy, we take pride in offering exceptional, hands-on physical therapy in Troy, MI. Our highly qualified team of physical therapy doctors focuses on delivering manual therapy techniques to our clients, providing each and every individual with personalized and effective treatment for a variety of conditions.

Physical therapy doctor assisting woman with elbow extension
Physical therapy doctor helping woman with lower back pain.

Our Physical Therapy Approach

We take a comprehensive, whole-body approach to physical therapy, healing, and recovery. We focus on prioritizing patient-centered, one-on-one therapy with an emphasis on manual care benefits. Our manual therapy techniques include:

Soft Tissue Massage
Joint Mobilization
Range of Motion Improvement

Each of our techniques contributes to repairing your body and enhancing overall healing.

What Is Manual Physical Therapy?

At Performance Physical Therapy, manual physical therapy is more than a treatment method — it’s a philosophical approach to healing.

We see manual physical therapy as a way to deliver excellent results with fewer visits, so we make the best use of our patients’ time. Our hands-on approach involves using the expertise and education of each of our therapists to restore functionality, alleviate pain, and enhance your overall health and well-being.

Some of the manual therapy techniques we use, like the Graston Technique and the use of HawkGrips, focus on mobilizing your soft tissue. These techniques provide effective care for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions, including:

Assistance with pain management
Sports injuries and performance enhancement
Injury rehabilitation and recovery
Post-operative rehabilitation

Because manual physical therapy sessions are customized and tailored to the individual, you can find the care you deserve at Performance Physical Therapy. Call us today!

Benefits of Manual Physical Therapy

Manual physical therapy is an evidence-based practice known for a multitude of benefits, including:

Modulating pain
Improving range of motion and flexibility
Mobilizing restricted joints
Facilitating muscle action
Enhancing healing and repair

Manual physical therapy relies on a comprehensive approach designed to support your overall well-being, so you can return to daily life with a renewed sense of vitality.

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Manual Physical Therapy in Troy, MI

At Performance Physical Therapy, we value professional integrity and open communication, which means we’re committed to building strong doctor-patient connections in a caring, welcoming environment.

Whether you’re seeking manual physical therapy for geriatric patients and age-related conditions, or physical therapy for adults, teens or children, we can help!

Experience the difference of manual physical therapy with Performance Physical Therapy. With our personalized care approach, hard-earned expertise, and the warm, personable approach of our team, we can guide you hand-in-hand on the path to overall health.

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