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Performance Physical Therapy is the leading source of wellness and prehabilitation programs in Troy, MI. Our experienced, professional team specializes in comprehensive prehab services tailored to a variety of individuals, from athletes to aging adults to individuals who are post-operative.

We focus on optimizing the health of our patients, reducing their risk of injury, and enhancing their overall physical well-being.

Understanding Wellness & Prehab

Prehab is a proactive, preventative approach to health focused on preventing issues and injuries before they happen.

Prehab treatment plans frequently consist of carefully designed exercises customized according to the individual. These exercises focus on:

Increasing strength
Enhancing flexibility
Improving balance
Increasing core stability
Enhancing overall functionality of the body

Prehab is different from rehabilitation, which is a process that begins after an injury. Prehab offers a multitude of benefits and can help optimize your overall health, enhance sports performance, reduce your risk of injuries, and even improve your outcome after an operation or surgery.

Prehab focuses on targeting specific areas that tend to be injury-prone, including the:


By taking into account your unique needs, we develop a customized prehab protocol just for you.

Who We Serve

Everyone can benefit from prehab services, which is why we serve a wide range of individuals.

Prehab for Active Individuals and Athletes

Prehab programs for active individuals and athletes focus on enhancing performance, preventing injury, and preparing your body for the high levels of physical demand from sports. We use general prehab techniques supplemented with specific approaches based on the sport you play.

Prehab for Aging Adults

Our prehab program for aging adults emphasizes enhancing mobility, stability, and strength. These approaches help you maintain your independence and functional capacity while improving your quality of life and reducing the risk of age-related injuries like falls.

Prehab Before Surgery

If you have a surgery planned, you should consider prehab. Research shows that by engaging in prehab exercises, you can improve your post-surgical outcome and speed up your recovery process.

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Prehab Programs in Troy, MI

At Performance Physical Therapy, we provide expert prehab programs that focus on patient education.

By empowering each of our patients with knowledge and understanding, we can provide long-term solutions to your overall physical health and ensure you’re fully armed with everything you need to prevent injuries, enhance your performance, and improve your health.

No matter who you are or where life has brought you, Performance Physical Therapy can help you with a custom, personalized prehab program.

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